BERG Buddy White/ Pink 2.0

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The new design Buddy white is the ultimate cool go kart. With its new design seat, wheels and rubber air tyres and strong sturdy frame it is proving to be the model that is popular on our display site when people come to look for a go kart for a younger rider. The new steering can house the soundbox accessory.

BFR System
BFR stand for Brake Freewheel. The unique BERG BFR drive system allows you to pedal forward, brake by simply adding a little bit of back pressure to the pedals come to a stop and then continue forward or backwards.

The BFR system will also allow you to coast along without the pedals spinning around and bumping your ankles. Kettler go karts have a lever that you have to engage manually to freewheel however the pedals will not act as the brake like on the BERG Buddy Go Kart.