About BERG E Series Go Karts

Ride around effortlessly with pedal support

The E-Go-karts are equipped with a 250W E-Motor delivering pedal support. There are 4 different levels of assistance: ECO, TOUR, SPORT and TURBO.

You can ride around for 2 hours in these go-karts, without having to recharge the battery. The E-Go-kart can reach speeds of up to 16 km per hour.

Children from the age of 6 can enjoy years of fun with this go-kart!

The 24V/240Wh battery is removable which makes it easy to charge.

Drive off even faster and more easily with E-BFR-3

With the E-BFR-3 gearing, getting going is even faster and climbing hills is even easier.

As well as changing gears, the E-Motor will also help you get going faster.
The same goes for the E-BFR as for the E-BFR-3: the harder you pedal, the more support the E-Motor provides.

The XXL Frame is suitable for tall people

The XXL Frame is 10 cm longer than the XL Frame and grows with you due to the adjustable seat.

Suitable for almost all themes

Choose which theme you like best on your E-Frame. It can be combined with almost any theme package.

What’s nicer than a fast race to see how hard you can go? 

The BERG E-Go-kart also comes with a display.

This illuminated screen tells you how fast you are going, how much you have ridden and how much battery power you have left.