BERG Karts

BERG the Company

Starting on his parents farm in the Netherlands, Henk van den Berg decided to make his first go kart over 29 years ago.
It was during one school holiday that the first BERG go-kart was created with a few pipes, wooden planks, wheelbarrow wheels and a chain and pedals from the cycle shop. This go kart was sold even before it was finished. The entrepreneurial spirit had been awakened... 

...So BERG was born and has been a successful producer of wheeled fun and outdoor playthings ever since.

Now with its own go-kart factory in the Gelderland village of Wekerom in the Netherlands, BERG is now the world market leader in go-karts which are enjoyed by children of all ages as fun, healthy and safe activity toys.

And in addition to go-karts, BERG make and sell even more outdoor playthings with an ever expanding range of products.
What started in a barn on the farm has now become an International company with its go-karts being sold in more than 56 countries right around the world. Mission Statement

Children are the future. By actively playing together, children develop their mental and social abilities. BERG products, manufactured from sustainable materials, provide children with the freedom to play healthily and also encourage creative development.
The aim of BERG is, through its sustainable way of working, to enable as many children as possible to become engaged in creative and active interaction.

Safety First

Parents should not have to worry about the safety of toys. Children should be able to enjoy carefree and uninhibited play. That’s why safety is paramount for all BERG Products. Safety is constantly taken into consideration - from the early development stage of a new product.
BERG is synonymous with top quality. That’s why BERG set high quality standards for all of its products. BERG conducts internal quality control on all of its products subjecting, the go-karts to extreme conditions.

In addition to its internal testing, BERG submits its products to quality control testing at independent bodies. As a result of the tests, the products are certified in accordance with International standards and legislation.
Of course the products are also tested by the users themselves: children.

Made in Holland

All of BERG products are designed and developed by its staff at BERG in the Netherlands. Some of our go-kart product offering is manufactured in our own factory in the Netherlands. Quality and flexibility are our watchwords.
As a company, BERG believes in high quality engineering along with excellent value for money whilst always using the latest in technical and safety standards.
With all this behind every BERG product, Children are able to enjoy many years of continued fun.

Spare Parts

If something does happen to break or needs replacing outside of your guarantee period, spare parts are available separately for a long time after purchase. You can order these from us. In most cases you will easily be able to replace a broken part yourself. Would you prefer to have it done by a specialist? Then leave it to the BERG Service Dealer.


All BERG go karts come with a two year guarantee on the parts and a five year guarantee on the frame.
Any other BERG products guarantees are specified on our website along with every product description.