Berg gear hubs explained

BERG Go kart Hubs

The BFR hub means that the go-kart can be driven forwards, backward, and be stopped all by using just the pedals

The BFR-3 hub is the same as the BFR version go-kart but with the addition of 3 gears making it easier to use and to gain a higher speed when pedalling

DINO Go Kart Hubs 

F: freewheel for forward travel only. Reversing is not possible. This freewheel variant is particularly suitable for use in the professional sector. The freewheel is insensitive to damage of any kind.

ZF: The optimized reverse gear (ZF) that can be switched and enables you to drive forwards or backward by switching the shift lever.

BF1: With the BRAKE FREE WHEEL you can drive forwards and backward without switching. The integrated coaster brake lets you stop particularly safely, comfortably, and very softly.

BF3: The FREE-WHEEL BRAKE WITH 3-GEAR GEARS allows forwards and backward driving without further switching. The integrated coaster brake ensures that you can stop particularly safely and comfortably. The 3 gears create the right translation - even off-road.