DINO Excavator + Multi Purpose Trailer

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Suitable for all oversized go-carts

With the DINO CARS excavator you can dig like an adult. You sit back on the driver's seat and can pick up sand with the two digger levers. Now just turn and unload the load on the right place. This is fun not only for boys but also for girls.

The DINO CARS "excavator set" consists of the multi purpose trailer (MPT) and the excavator. The excavator can load  1 person and up to 80 kg maximum weight of the person. The trailer consists of a powder-coated steel construction. The set is very easy to assemble. In addition, other accessories such as two-seater or stand-up can be easily mounted on the multi purpose trailer in exchange.

DINO CARS trailers can be hooked up to many popular pedal kart brands.
(Attention, it may be necessary to drill the trailer lug, which is not carried out at the factory)

Dimensions: L 98 x W 49 x H 50 cm | Weight: 16 kg | max. weight 80 kg