BERG Buzzy Retro 2 in 1 Green

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Retro colour with beige tyres and brown details

The BERG Buzzy is now also available as a BERG Buzzy 2-in-1. This stable go-kart can now also be used as a push car, so you can take your child with you safely and easily when you go out. The push bar helps you keep control of the go-kart and your child when you are in a hurry. The stability of the Buzzy keeps it safely grounded at all times, even with very active children or when riding over bumpy surfaces. This is in stark contrast to the many 2-in-1 tricycles which are much less stable.

Switchable freewheel
The Buzzy 2-in-1 can be used in 2 modes thanks to the switchable freewheel. The pedal mode enables your child to ride around independently just like on a normal Buzzy. In the push mode the pedals are inactive and the Buzzy can be pushed without the pedals turning. Switching between the two modes is easy by simply turning the ring around the crank axle to the left or the right.

User-friendly steering lock
The Buzzy 2-in-1 is equipped with a user-friendly steering lock to help you walk safely and easily with it. When the steering lock is in operation your child can no longer steer and the parent is in control regardless of the situation. The steering lock is easy to switch on and off by pushing the operating pin on the steering head from one side to the other.

Adjustable push bar
The push bar can easily be adjusted to 3 heights. The Buzzy 2-in-1 can be pushed easily from A to B in combination with the comfortable handle. When your child wants to ride the Buzzy without being pushed, the push bar can be removed in a jiffy. The Buzzy 2-in-1 is then transformed from a safe, stable push car into a supercool and stable go-kart.