Eelo Cyglo Cycling Backpack with LED Signal Lights

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The CYGLO is a robust and foldable LED backpack that keeps cyclists visible and their intentions known. With four LED signals and a 20 hour battery life, CYGLO is perfect for commuting by bicycle.

The remote control clips seamlessly onto the handlebars, the rider then uses the remote to wirelessly connect to the backpack to let traffic and other cyclists know their intentions at night.

The four LED signals include turning right, turning left, a cycling signal, and the hazard sign. Light and waterproof, CYGLO will fold down to the size of an iPad mini but most importantly, the reflective material helps you stand out on the road.

  • FOUR LED SIGNALS: the cycling signal, left & right turning signal, hazard signal. All operated by a wireless remote control that clips easily to your bike handlebar
  • DURABLE and WATER RESISTANT: The backpack is made from water resistant nylon fabric material. It provides strength and long-lasting performance.
  • RECHARGEABLE: It works for 20 hours on each charge of its lithium battery.
  • BRIGHT: Strong LED lights and reflective materials help you stand out on the road


Use the USB cable that comes with CYGLO, the LED lights work for 20 hours on each charge of its lithium battery. The long lasting battery means you can go for days or even weeks between charges.