DINO Rope Winch

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The DINO CARS winch is built for the towing professionals below you. No matter if you want to transport  "trees" out of the area or tow the damaged go-cart of your friends, with the winch you bring everything home with easily.

The Dino Cars winch is suspended either in the back lifting system 03175 or in the front lifting system 03174. It can be used by all major go-carts from DINO CARS. The towing device consists of powder-coated iron and is equipped with a towing hook made of steel and a polyester rope. The rope is extended or retracted by means of the built-in hand crank.

PLEASE NOTE! The winch is suitable for the model series Classics (except Sprint), Race Line, Track & Editions. (everything from year  2010!)

Dimensions L x W x H: 15 x 40 x 36 cm | Weight: 4.5 kg