Berg Nexo Foldable In Four Colour Choices

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Scooters can be quick and safe, all thanks to the BERG Nexo scooter for kids. This scooter will get you on the move from age 2 up.

With three wheels, for extra stability. Non-slip surfaces on the handlebars and footplate give extra-firm grip. You can adjust the steering lock while you get used to just how agile the scooter can be.

Handlebar height is adjustable, so the scooter grows as you grow, all the way to primary school. For even more fun when out with the scooter, the Nexo has optional modules and extras to offer, such as LED lights and games.

Would you like a designer scooter for your kid to enjoy for years to come? Then get the BERG Nexo.

Features of the BERG Nexo scooter

  • Suitable for children aged from 2 to 12.
  • Close attention to safety and design
  • Optional modules and extras for even more fun on the scooter.