BERG Reppy Rebel Black + Sound Box - Limited Edition

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Limited Edition Last Few

BERG’s Reppy platform has 5 different models: This is positioned between the Buzzy and Buddy platform in terms of size and age. The five versions have exciting, sparkling looks, are very user-friendly for both children and parents and, of course, they are fantastic toys.

Includes the sound box as standard with 4 different tones: braking, tooting, starting & accelerating 

Sleek and attractive design
The Reppy Rebel Black limited edition design makes children stand out in the neighbourhood. Take a look at that low bucket seat and striking sports steering wheel! Adults can carry super easily by its frame handle, light and compact, making it easy to store after use.

Grows along with your child
The bucket seat is easy to adjust using the knob on the seat. No tools needed for that! Due to the low seat, it is not necessary to adjust the steering wheel. In whichever seat position a child sits, the steering wheel is always easy to reach. suitable for children from ages 2.5 to 6.

EVA tyres
An EVA tyre is made of high-tech foam. For the BERG Reppy, high-tech foam is the ideal replacement for the traditional rubber inner and outer tyres. Thanks to the right composition, the tyres are just as wear-resistant as traditional rubber tyres but without the risk of a flat tyre. The tyres are very silent when driving, which makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Direct drive
The BERG Reppy is equipped with a fixed connection between the front crank axle and the rear axle. This means that the movement of the legs is immediately converted to the movement of the rear wheels. This makes the BERG Reppy super simple and easy to ride. Both forwards and backwards.