DINO Pedal Set with Flashing Lights

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Dino Cars pedal set with flashing light 

This pedal set with flashing light is a cool gimmick to pimp your Dino Car. Just swap the pedals on your go-kart and off you go. From now on your pedals shine in the dark.

Each 2 LED lights per pedal are integrated into the yellow cat's eyes and 2 LED lights per pedal are installed laterally, so that per pedal a total of 6 LED's are installed. Overall, the set consists of 2 pedals with a total of 12 LEDs.

Energy recovery

The set even works with energy recovery when pedalling. A battery is not necessary. This is especially environmentally friendly. The pedal set with flashing light is suitable for all oversized Dino Cars. Due to smaller pedals, the set is not mountable for the Kids Line.