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DINO CARS Sprint AF Special Offer includes passenger seat

Back to the roots. The DINO SPRINT is the logical further development of the "Original-Dinos".

The heart of this go-karts is the built-in automatic freewheel (AF). The AF prevents the pedals from turning while driving forward. The drivers can take breaks during the forward movement. This minimise the risk of injury. To reverse, you slow down the go-kart with the hand brake lever until the kart stands still.

Afterwards you kick the pedals backwards. The reverse gear is now automatically engaged. That's pure driving pleasure.  Ball bearings and low-rolling-resistance tyres allow rapid rides for kids from 5 years on wards.
A trailer hitch is a matter of course. And if the kids are tired dad is also happy - thanks to the stability and 6-fold seat adjustment - to drive the kids home safely.