Repair your Berg go kart for summer

Repair your Berg go kart for summer

Are you a proud owner of a Berg XL Frame go kart but finding that your crankshaft and pedals are in need of some TLC? Look no further! This repair set is here to save the day and get your go kart back on the road in no time

What's Included in the Repair Set?

This repair set includes everything you need to revamp your Berg XL Frame go kart. From a high-quality crankshaft to durable pedals, this set has got you covered. Say goodbye to those pesky issues and hello to a smooth ride!

Easy Installation Process

Don't worry about complicated installations or confusing instructions. This repair set is designed for easy installation, so you can get back to enjoying your go kart in no time. Simply follow the step-by-step guide included in the set and you'll be good to go!

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