Dino-Cars Warranty


The following terms and conditions are an extension of the statutory law.

Warranty Conditions

DINO CARS are subject to the following conditions – A guarantee on any material and faults of your vehicle. If you wish to make a claim under warranty you must submit a completed signed and stamped warranty card or receipt.

Warranty Periods

DINO CARS offer a 5 year warranty for the frame from the date of purchase. For all other parts except the wear parts (including chains, gears, hubs, tyres and brakes) DINO CARS offer a warranty for 12 months.

When the guarantee may not apply?

DINO CARS warranty does not cover:

  • Damage caused by improper installation or poor maintenance, vehicle used in commercial applications, accidents or impacts.
  • Replacement of normal wear items such as wheels, tyres, chains, gears, hubs, cables and brake pads.
  • Repairs not carried out correctly or not by a DINO CARS dealer.
  • If repairs were made not using original DINO CARS parts or changes were made to the design.
  • If the vehicle is used as a rental vehicle or used excessively outside of expected domestic use.
  • If defects are a consequence of climatic effects, such as normal weathering of paint.

DINO CARS are not liable for any product (or parts of the product) as a result of the following:

  • Incorrect adjustment/tension of the steering wheel, the steering mechanism, the chains, tyres and hubs.
  • A failure to timely replace parts such as chains, tyres and pedals.
  • A failure to timely tighten all screws, bolts, pedals and cranks.

What is under warranty?

Only those defective parts which are sent for review to a DINO CARS dealer fall under this warranty. DINO CARS reserve the right to decide during the warranty period to replace or repair any material or design fault. If a claimed warranty is rejected by DINO CARS, all costs claimed will be at the the expense of the owner. The warranty is not transferable to third