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Helping your child to learn to scoot and go kart is easy with a BERG GO²

First of all, your child learns to sit with the pedals folded up. Pushing off with one little foot on the ground will create a forward motion and, before you know it, your child has learnt how to scoot.

Scooting has now been mastered, now fold down the pedals. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the GO², your child will not catch his or her little  feet on the pedals or rear wheels.  


High quality well thought out products, BikeStar  guarantees through constant improvements a high quality product for every adventure. 

We stand for "German Engineering" everything we do enables our small customers in the long term to optimise their physical and mental development. 

In addition, we pay close attention to harmless paints and non-toxic materials, especially handles, saddles and tyres. 


 The special experience for all Power kids from 3 years,
the robust DINO's Kids Line are extremely stable.

Our go-karts grow with the easy seat adjustment with all kids up to 9 years. In addition, the karts are running extremely easy thanks to pneumatic tyres.

The built-in ball bearings additionally ensure low rolling resistance.

Most karts are equipped with the patented freewheel brake BF1, with back brake and reverse gear, allows driving forward and reverse without further changes.

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