BERG XL B. Pure Blue BFR

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XL B. Pure Blue BFR... newest edition to the Classic range.

Enjoy your ride! The classic go-kart is based on more than 30 years of manufacturing experience. You will feel, hear and see the benefits of that experience while driving this kart. The BERG Go-kart is definitely the safest choice for children from 5 years and older.

BFR stands for: Brake, Freewheel and Reverse. The BFR system allows you to brake using the pedals, but also reverse immediately after coming to a standstill. In addition, the freewheel ensures that the pedals remain stationary while the wheels are turning. This happens completely automatically, without having to shift gears. The back-pedal brakes allow you to brake hard and fast. 

Adjustable seat
Every BERG Frame has an adjustable seat. The seat can be set in 6 different positions resulting in many years of driving pleasure!

Comfortable driving
BERG Pedal go-karts have several features that enable you to ride around very comfortably. To start with, the pedal carts have four pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires ensure more grip on the road and make your ride more comfortable. Pneumatic tires also have less rolling resistance than solid tires, which allows you to drive faster.

Easy assembling
The BERG Pedal go-karts are easy to assemble. The rear axles must be placed on the left and right inside the casing of the chain cover. This can be done without opening the chain cover. The two bolts on both sides must then be tightened. Now attach a few more components, such as the seat, the wheels and the steering wheel, and you’re all done!