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"SPORT ZF available in Blue Green Red or Grey
The SPORT ZF is equipped with a large floating axle, ball-joint steering, seat bushings and a sturdy mudguards.
The DINO CARS SPORT ZF is the basic model in which safety and comfort are the focus. The robust tubular steel frame and the pneumatic tires are the constants for comfortable driving pleasure.
The multiple seat adjustment makes the model a great Go Kart for children and adults from 5 to 100 years of age. Accessories such as bonnets and lifting devices can easily be retrofitted. The DINO CARS trailers can be attached to the standard trailer hitch.

The heart of this Go Kart is the built-in switchable freewheel

The ZF drive prevents the pedals from turning while driving forward. The driver can take breaks from pedalling while moving forward. This minimizes the risk of injury. To drive backwards, you brake the Go Kart with the handbrake lever until it comes to a standstill.
Then the gear lever is thrown and the pedals are kicked backwards. To drive forward, the gearshift lever is returned to the starting position.
Another highlight is the super thick powder coating of the vehicle frame, which is also forgiving of minor accidents.
A built-in pendulum axle in the front frame guarantees constant grip and even more safety on uneven terrain. The DINO CARS SPORT ZF has a robust ball head steering with which you can easily cruise through every curve.
The chain is easily and conveniently adjusted using the easy-to-use chain tensioner. The completely closed chain case prevents the risk of injury and protects the chain from unnecessary soiling.

Go Kart Brand: DINO CARS
Age:  = 5 - 100 Years
Height: 115 - 190 cm
Backpedal Brake: Version ZF = no, versions BF1 and BF3 = yes
Dimensions: 150x80x80 cm
Colour Go Kart: Blue Green Red Grey
Tyres: Easy Run Tires, Tubeless
Tyre Pressure: 1,8 bar - 26,11 psi
Max. User Weight: 100 kg
Rim: Plastic
Front Spoiler: No
Trailer Hitch: Yes
Double Ball Joint Steering: Yes
Lifting Device (Optional): Yes, Optional
Handbrake: Yes, Standard, With An Integrated Parking Brake
Passenger Seat: Yes, Optional
Swing Axle: Yes
Mudguards: Yes
Ball Bearing Wheels: Yes
Chain Tensioner: Yes
Seat Adjusting: Without Tools
Approximate Set-up Time: 30 Minutes
Number Of Boxes: 2
Dimensions Delivery Boxes Go Kart: 101,5x59,5x26,5 cm + 44x41x57 cm
Legal Warranty: 2 Years

Technical Highlights

The special features of this DINO CARS Go Kart are:      

Switchable Revers Gear

The optimized switchable reverse gear allows driving forward and backward – by activating the gear shift.    

6-Point Seat Adjustment 
Easily adjust the sitting position by lifting the seat and inserting it into the sitting position that suits you. There are 6 different seating positions.  

Easy Run Tyres
The Easy Run Tyre has a low rolling resistance and is particularly suitable for kids from around 5 years of age because the rolling resistance is lower than that of Off-Road Tires.

Trailer Hitch
This Go Kart is equipped with a trailer hitch for DINO CARS TRAILER so that you can transport your toys easily and safely.

Passenger Seat
Take your friends and siblings with you in the optional additional seat.