DINO 2 Rider F

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The professional line is perfect for all commercial settings. Used by holiday and farm parks, rental companies and many other settings.

While the driver is steering and pedalling, the passenger is safe with his feet on the tread plates and holds tight to the armrest or the extra handle for front passengers.

This brilliant-looking and fun-to-use go-kart with the commercial F Hub has been designed to be plain and simple in that it is a forward drive gear go-kart only.

By using a forward drive gear go-kart, there is less to go wrong with this go-kart, which makes it one of our biggest and best-selling go-karts in schools and special needs schools.

Built in Germany by one of the world's best-known go-kart manufacturers, and with a very high safety standard built-in, this gives every child the chance to have their own little bit of fun and excitement. Includes a handbrake and trailer coupling.

Weight: 55kg
Size (LxHxD): 170 x 92 x 85 cm
Colour: red-black
loadable up to: 150 kg
Packing (LxHxD): 1 box (120 x 45 x 80 cm)