BERG GO² Retro Pink

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BERG GO² Retro Pink with beige tyres and brown details

The development of your child begins on a BERG GO². The BERG GO2 is our sleek and ergonomic go-kart for the youngest children! Children from the age of 10 months learn to scoot first with the pedals folded up. Before you know it, your child will be scooting around the whole room. You can then unfold the pedals very easily so that your child can experience go-karting for the very first time!

Learning to ride a scooter
Teach your child how to ride a scooter and cycle by playing; all you need is the BERG GO2! First your child sits on the GO2 with folded pedals. The rider moves forward by putting their feet on the ground. And before you know it, they’ve mastered the scooter.

Learning to pedal
After getting the hang of using the scooter, the next step is to unfold the pedals. That’s done easily in just one movement. With the pedals folded out, your child begins practising with feet on the pedals, and learns how to go-kart. It takes a bit of getting used to, and your child can switch between using the scooter and pedalling. Because the steering wheel and pedals operate separately, your child always remains in control of the BERG GO². Riding the scooter and go-karting mark the first steps in your child’s development!

Ergonomic design
The sleek ergonomic design has many advantages. The first advantage is that your child will not catch his or her little feet on the pedals or the rear wheels.
The BERG GO² saddle has a unique structure. When your child grows, he or she can sit further back. Thanks to its four wheels, the BERG GO² has excellent stability. Because tricycles have one wheel less they are prone to tipping over. Riding sharply or fast around corners on a tricycle creates dangerous situations.