DINO Tracks New Holland BF1

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Track NEW HOLLAND BF1 is perfectly equipped!

Farmers welcome! The NEW HOLLAND BF1 with tractor style tires is your ideal working pedal kart for the farm. This go-cart by DINO CARS in NEW HOLLAND design makes the hearts of small and large farmers beat faster.

Equipped with bonnet in original NEW HOLLAND colours, floating front axle, exhaust pipe, ball-point steering and 6-point seat adjustment, the NEW HOLLAND BF1 is in no way inferior to its big role models in terms of efficiency and reliability.

Thanks to the built-in trailer coupling you are well prepared for any work on the field.

BF1 freewheel

NEW HOLLAND BF1 also has the latest BF1 freewheel in addition to the advanced and modern design. The BF1 prevents the pedals from turning while driving forward. The driver can thus take breaks during the forward movement. This minimizes the risk of injury. To reverse, you slow down the go-cart intuitively with the pedals or with the handbrake until it comes to a standstill. Then the pedals are kicked backwards. The reverse gear is automatically engaged. That's driving pleasure and pure safety.

Another highlight is the super thick powder coating of the vehicle frame, which forgives minor accidents. The DINO CARS NEW HOLLAND BF1 has a ball-joint steering that allows you to cruise through every curve. The chain is easily and conveniently adjusted by means of the easy-to-operate chain tensioner. The completely closed chain guard prevents the risk of injury and protects the chain from unnecessary soiling.

Additional welded steel reinforcements in the seat brackets prevent the seat guide from deflecting. 
That's DINO CARS quality, which pays off on resale.

You see, the safety and comfort of the DINO CARS NEW HOLLAND BF1 are uncompromising.