BERG Buzzy Beats

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BERG Buzzy Beats. Make your own beat! The steering wheel can record and play any sounds you make.

This super cool sensation on four wheels is much more stable than a three-wheeler. Your feet remain firmly on the pedals even round sharp corners. The size of the BERG Buzzy and its EVA tyres make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Even the rain will not stop you from having lots of fun with your go-kart! The BERG Buzzy is suitable for children aged 2-5.

The four wheels ensure stability
Thanks to its four wheels, the BERG Buzzy has excellent stability. Because tricycles have one wheel less, they are far less stable. The centre of gravity of a tricycle is close to the tilt line, the line between the front and the rear wheels.

Riding sharply or fast around corners on a tricycle can easily cause it to tip over, along with its passenger. Because the Buzzy has four wheels the tilt line is much further outwards and further away from the centre of gravity. This makes it virtually impossible for the Buzzy to tip over, which makes it much safer.

Controlled steering and pedalling
Unlike a tricycle, the pedals and the handlebars of the Buzzy can be operated independently. This ensures that the pedals do not move when steering and the feet remain firmly on the pedals at all times. Riding and steering therefore have no influence on each other, which makes riding on the Buzzy much more fun.

Smooth and safe acceleration
Because the pedals and the handlebars on a tricycle are connected to each other, a lot of energy is lost in the motion of the handlebars when setting off. The pedals and the handlebars on a Buzzy are not connected and therefore the energy used when pedalling is directly converted into the forward movement of the Buzzy.

EVA tyres
For the BERG Buzzy, this high-tech foam is the ideal replacement for the traditional rubber inner and outer tyres. Thanks to the right composition, the tyres are just as durable as traditional rubber tyres but without the risk of a flat tyre. The tyres are also very silent when driving, which makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.