BERG Duo Coaster E-BFR

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The BERG Duo Coaster is the new 2-person skelter specially developed for the rental market. The skelter offers a fantastic driving experience due to its light weight and dual drive, but above all, the electric support!

Thanks to the E-BFR drive system, the Duo Coaster makes a quick start. The harder you pedal, the more support is provided by the engine. With back pedalling, the Duo Coaster brakes, then drives backwards. This makes riding on the Duo Coaster not only extra safe, but above all, also extra enjoyable!

With the powerful 250 Watt mid-mounted engine, the Duo Coaster has an even faster starting acceleration and driving is more fun! The Duo Coaster is built with the XXL frame, making it suitable for extra tall people as well.

De Duo Coaster is also fitted with a swing axis, giving an optimum road holding and ensuring that all 4 wheels always stay on the ground. The handlebars can be mounted on either the left or right-hand side when assembling. So the skelter can be driven in any country.

Driving pleasure for two, suitable for users from 6 years.

• Sturdy pneumatic tyres with a deep tread

• BFR system. Easy, fast and safe!

• Improved road-holding performance thanks to swing axel

• Effortless driving pleasure due to pedal support

• Seat adjustable to 6 different positions.

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