BERG Gran Tour Racer 4 Seater

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A very smart looking and striking bike, the product is of high quality and the need for product maintenance remains low.

BERG has accomplished an important innovation on this Gran Tour Racer which has already benefited from years of product improvements. Unlevelled ground surface pose no challenge for this bike thanks to its new and super strong swing axle. Pedalling forward is slightly more powerful on this bike than the off road Gran Tour model making it ideal for cruising on levelled terrains.

The 'freewheel' transmission system is very robust and maintenance free and with the 4x extra large pneumatic wheels you are guaranteed a comfortable and enjoyable ride.  

BERG Gran Tour Racer Features:

  • Suitable for 2x Adults and 2x Children
  • Freewheel transmission system (forward pedalling is combined with freewheeling when feet are held still).
  • Freewheel is mounted on both sides (driver’s side & passenger’s side).
  • Hand brake and parking brake on the rear wheels
  • Racing wheels with low wear rubber
  • Strong Aluminium rims
  • Demount-able swing axle
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