The all new BERG Reppy GP

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NEW! BERG REPPY GP. Now in stock!!
As a budding driver, the whole neighbourhood is your track. Make a lasting impression with the Reppy GP go-kart. You speed up to the sound of a revving engine, and stay glued to the road round every bend.
You can reverse just as fast. You can keep driving ahead on your Reppy GP for years to come, while dreaming of a real Grand Prix. suitable for children aged from 2 to 6 years.

The Sound box Race means you can hear the engines starting. You hit the accelerator, honk the horn, then come to a halt again to the squeal of brakes. Four different sounds for the ultimate racing experience. The Sound box Race is an optional extra for the Reppy Rider.


There's no time for pit stops, so choose certainty. EVA tires never go down, so you can cruise the streets smoothly and in comfort.


High speed and tight corners mean good road holding is essential. The swing axle maintains maximum contact with the road surface at all times.


Once you get on a Reppy, you won't ever look back. No need. The seat height is adjustable, so your favourite go-kart simply grows as you grow.