BERG XL B .Super Red BFR-3

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The Go Kart for children aged 5 to adults weighing up to 100Kg.  Pneumatic rubber tyres, double ball joint steering and a swing axle for faster speeds and less noise.  Curved plastic rear mud guards add to the look.  Easy to adjust seat and the strongest frame with the longest warranty.  This classic model includes rear mud guards, a front spoiler and no less than 3 gears.  The 3 gears can be used to make pedalling that little bit easier or to simply make the go kart go faster... 

  • Pneumatic rubber tyres for faster speeds and less noise - 40cm.
  • Back pedal brake with automatic freewheel.
  • Swing Axle - this allows all 4 wheels to be contact with the ground over any type of terrain.
  • Smooth double ball bearing steering.
  • Simple seat adjustment - no tools required.
  • Back mud Guards with rear reflectors - these help to keep clothes clean and the rider seen in the dark.
  • Front Spoiler.
  • 3 Gears - these can be used to make the go kart go faster or to make pedalling easier.

 BFR-3 System. 3 gears will help to make the go kart go faster or to make it easier to pedal up a hill.  BFR stand for Brake Freewheel.  The unique BERG BFR drive system allows you to pedal forward, brake by simply adding a little bit of back pressure to the pedals come to a stop and then continue forward or backwards.