BERG XXL B. Super Blue BFR

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 Are you a bit taller? Then this model with the 10cm longer XXL-BFR frame is ideal for you!

The classic pedal go kart that Berg became famous for, has been completely restyled. You can still choose from three different models: Basic Pure, Basic Rapid and Basic Super. You’re never too big for the Basic.

You can start using it from the age of five and even adults still like to ride it. You can adjust the drive of the Basic to your own wishes and requirements. The BFR system provides direct drive, allowing you to go just as fast forwards, as backwards. 

  • Very robust frame, making it even suitable for professional use.
  •  Extra comfort thanks to the pneumatic tyres.
  • The four wheels and swing axle keep you firmly and safely on the ground.
  •  Grows with you thanks to the adjustable saddle.