BERG Biky Trail Green + Hand-Brake

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The Biky Trail has a green lightweight magnesium frame combined with its cool looks and equipment make this Biky the balance bike for young adventurers!

Just like a real mountain bike, this Biky has cool off-road looks. With the Trail, it is really about the details. For example, this Biky features sturdy 12-inch wheels with skinwall tyres.
AHave you also spotted the striking orange front and rear hub? You will also find comfortable orange grips on the Biky Trail, a crash pad on the handlebars and a sturdy aluminium double front fork.
The front and rear mudguards stop splashing water or grit as much as possible. the Biky Trail is equipped with a handbrake. It is designed to be easily squeezed while off-roading, so you know you can count on your Biky even in unexpected situations.
Personalise your Biky Trail? You can do so by using the included sticker sheet and number plate. First you choose your race number and, together with your name, you can then stick these stickers on the number plate.
This makes your Biky truly unique and complete. You then easily mount your number plate on the front of your Biky's handlebars. Are you ready to go?