BERG JEEP® Revolution XL BFR-3

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Up and down the hills, racing through the mud and never minding any puddles. It is all possible with the BERG Jeep Revolution BFR-3 go-kart. Pedalling is light and easy thanks to the 3 gears, while the tyres provide for maximum grip. The sturdy appearance of the Jeep is beautifully integrated into the design of the go-kart. What are you waiting for?

The adjustable steering rods enable you to easily adjust the wheel positions, keeping wear and tear to a minimum.  This sturdy go-kart has additional options to prepare you for any event, such as a spare wheel and a roll bar for added safety. This will always protect you from nasty surprises! Are you ready? Let the adventure begin!

  •  Very robust frame making it even suitable for professional use.
  •  Grows with you due to the adjustable saddle.
  •  The pneumatic tyres ensure extra comfort.