DINO Sport F Professional

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DINO CARS Sport F (black)

DINO SPORT F - is particularly suitable for professional use. Event organiser, bike rental companies, country houses and campsites are well advised with this model. The built-in simple freewheel, which allows only the forward drive, is particularly low maintenance.

The Sport F is equipped with steel rims, durable block tyres and inner tubes.

The DINO CARS Sport F is the basic model where safety and comfort are on focus. The robust steel frame and the pneumatic tires are the constants for a comfortable driving pleasure. The multiple seat adjustment makes the model a great go-kart for children and adults from 5 - 99 years. Accessories such as front spoiler and lifting devices can easily be retrofitted.

Another highlight is the super thick powder coating of the vehicle frame, which forgives minor accidents. A built-in floating axle in the front frame guarantees on uneven terrain consistent grip and even more safety.

The DINO CARS Sport F has a robust ball joint steering system to steer around curves and corners easily. Our trailers can be easily attached behind the kart thanks to the standard trailer hitch. The chain is conveniently adjusted by means of the easy-to-operate chain tensioner. The completely closed chain guard prevents the risk of injury and protects the chain from unnecessary dust.

You see, the safety and comfort of the DINO CARS Sport F are uncompromising.

Not to be forgotten is the DINO CARS spare parts shop where spare parts are often still available after 10 years.